Boat designers, when partnering with a successful company, must always ask themselves: “What aspects of the existing models do you keep, and what do you evolve?” When the team at NorthCoast asked us to complement the company’s successful line of sportfishing boats with a new 40-foot flagship fit for family cruising, they set one parameter from the get-go that made our job easier: “We love the ride of our boats, and we don’t want to mess with that.” So, when designing the hull lines, that was priority No. 1.

NorthCoast 415 – Fishing Model

The hull sports a deep V with 25 degrees dead rise at the transom, while keeping a subtle round-off at the keel, which gives the hull a little more lift aft and allows for a smoother transition to planing. The hull’s volume is optimized to handle the multiple outboards hung on a bracket off the transom—a typical feature of NorthCoast’s boats and a popular approach in this market. The top speed with Quad Yamaha 300’s will be more than 50 MPH. We had a bit more leeway above the waterline: We were asked to keep the 415 within the spirit of the existing line, which we did by softening the sharp lines of the smaller models while still giving the pilothouse its characteristic feel: The high point of the coaming sits just forward of the windshield and slopes down aft, mirroring the rugged sheerline shape that is a NorthCoast trademark. The profile will look right at home in the large swells of the Atlantic and turn heads as the boat returns to harbor.

We designed the interior layout in close collaboration with the team at NorthCoast. The goal was to develop an interior worthy of a flagship model for this line. At this size, a master berth forward, with access from both sides, is a must. A second queen-sized berth sits under the pilothouse to starboard, and a settee to port can also serve as a bunk. The head is large enough that there is room for a separate shower stall. The pilothouse represents new territory for the NorthCoast line since it is their first fully enclosed pilot house with a full saloon, galley, and helm station. The aft window and house door can be opened to create a continuous indoor/outdoor area.

NorthCoast 415 – Interior Layout

The 415 will come in two versions. One is aimed squarely at the sportfishing market, which is at the core of the NorthCoast brand, while the other will be tailored to family coastal cruising.

One reason we are excited about this new design is our partnership with the family business that produces NorthCoast boats, C&C Marine. Jose DaPonte, his wife Rosa, and his sons Cesar and Craig, and key employees are intimately involved in the development and production. Every part and detail gets discussed from the multiple viewpoints in the room: Does it fit the brand? Will it look good? Can we build it efficiently? Is this how we want to do this? Decades of experience come through in these discussions—Jose and his team have hand-built almost every mold in the shop. Even after the boats leave the factory, the team has a habit of maintaining close relationships with customers. This new flagship will no doubt continue their tradition of personal dedication to quality, performance, and value—traits worth keeping, even as other aspects evolve.

—Thomas Degremont & Sam Howell, Langan Design Partners